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We here at Select Ireland are the very proud manufacturer of the "Supreme Silk" range of Sugar Paste and Almond Paste.
We know how passionate the sugar crafters of Ireland are and indeed talented. So we took it upon ourselves to try and create a product that could match there skill and enthusiasm for sugar craft.
The Supreme Silk range of icings is that product, we are delighted with the outcome and are blown away by the response so far from you. It amazes us every day when we see the results you achieve with our icing and the spectacular cakes is a credit to your time and skill.

Supreme Silk is a Beautiful pliable Sugar Paste that is very easy to roll and apply, first-time. No elephant skin, no tearing, applies beautifully on all corners and curves. Sugar-Crafters say that since they have tried Supreme Silk they wouldn’t use anything else…!

Supreme Silk Range: Baking Classes
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